Thursday, February 15, 2007


I'm a longstanding livejournal girl, so my coming to the blog-o-sphere was later rather than sooner. I went where I went because of friends, and to be honest that's a pattern I've kept for much of my life. I found lj through friends, found journelfen through The Powah of Snark ( <3 Fandomwank ), half-emmigrated to gratestjournal with friends, found Gaia through The Powah of Geek ( <3 my pixel paper dolly ), and found my first ever blog through friends.

That's actually roughly the progression, too; I found out about Gaia when someone posted about this hysterical wank on there. I love wank.

Anyway. Slacktivist.

Slacktivist was recommended to me by a good friend on Gaia. Amusingly, to me at least, said friend is Catholic Christian and Slacktivist is Evangelical Christian, but both fall under the monikor I will use called "good people". It is more difficult to tell is someone is good people over the 'net, but the category can stand up to some bad apples, so I apply it now to both my friend and Slacktivist.

Slacktivist is here.

I like Slacktivist for lots of reasons, but mostly because he snarks and is funny in directions I agree with most of the time and appreciate the logic of even if I think it's kinda dumb. I mean, we have radically different religions, occupations, etc..., but we both agree that individuals are cool, groups of people are pretty good at being assholes, if you claim to follow something you should be educated on it, knowing things is good, and it's a better idea to be nice to people first if you can. I fail most at the last; I tend to be bitchy. I haven't decided yet if I want to fix it or not, though. A lot of the people I really like are bitchy. I mean, there's being nice to people, but sometimes they're just being DUMB and what's the good of being DUMB if you can't mock it?

Oh, in the interest of full disclosure (I've always wanted to type that) this is an ad. ^^ Go read Slacktivist, because he's funny and cool and sometimes you might even agree with him. And his reviews of Left Behind are both deeply educated in his religion and offer a really nice perspective on things.

I tend to mostly avoid his comment threads unless I really feel the need to speak up on something. Usually this is the tried & lameass "You don't think ZEUS is real, and your god is no realer than him! Har har har!" bit that atheists thing will be so cutting to a Christian's faith played on the much-despised backdrop of "Christianity and atheism are the only two beliefs EVAH and all Christians look like my friend Mr. Straw". But that's a rant for another time, I think.

Next! Another visiting spot of me. Eventually.

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