Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Arguments I am Tired Of

All religious people just want reassurance of some kind of deity because they're scared and gullible.

Reverse racism is a serious problem.

Racist, sexist, ablist, and anti-trans rhetoric is free speech and anyone who uses it in a public forum should be lauded for speaking out against political correctness. They certainly shouldn't be critiqued, and firing them is super plus ungood.

It's not FOR you.

Everything was better X years ago. If we could only go back then, everyone would be happy.

Everything will be better X years from now if you do what I tell you to.

Someone used a word I don't like, so now I'm scared to post.

Education is elitist.

I'd try to understand you, but you use words I don't understand.

Talk differently; you make me feel stupid and I don't like that.

Abortion kills a life, but my dinner doesn't.

Humans aren't animals, so they should do X to demonstrate it.

Humans are animals, so they should to X to demonstrate it.

If we just gutted the law, everyone would be happier.

If we just had more laws, everyone would be happier.

Anything happening to do with the misnomer "free trade". Trade has RULES. It is not FREE. The entire point of trade is that STUFF ISN'T FREE. If STUFF was FREE we wouldn't have to TRADE THINGS FOR IT. ARG!!!!

If you can't be OBJECTIVE, don't speak.

It doesn't matter because horrible things are happening over there.

Become the kind of person I tell you that you should be. It's easy and then you'll be happy.

You're just jealous.

If only she hadn't done X, she wouldn't have been raped.


Melinda Casino said...

Fantastic. I'm getting the reference on some - not so much on others. All are pretty good, though.

Deoridhe said...

*sweatdrop* I hope this doesn't come across as a carom shot (aka carrot shot). Some have specific recent triggers, but I've heard all of them from a wide range of people and circumstances.

This is a no carrot shot location, though. Well, an attempt at one. When i call people out, I prefer to name them. ^^

Melinda Casino said...

I read it as letting off steam, not avoiding naming people.

I think most people will pick up on this.

Deoridhe said...

Hmmm... not so much letting of steam as... this is like tyring to describe mist.

I read several religious blogs of various stripes. They are heavily atheist populated, and a common trope is essentially that religious people are irrational, irrational people are stupid, thus religious people are irrational. Logical fallacies aside, that's the sort of argument where I'm always inclined to blink at the person twice, turn to someone else who has said something intelligent and say, "So, as I was saying..."

Then I started thinking of other things which provoke the same response, and debates I refuse to get into due to my rapidly devolving to sputtering and "but, that's just STUPID." This was a partial list.

I got a little over-wrought at the free trade one, though. It's such a... such a gross misframing of the whole bloody issue.

nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez said...

jeje..."Carrot Shot!"

it lives on.

Deoridhe said...

It's such an apt name! Plus, when you have a joke with something, you're likely to remember it, and I definitely want to remember to avoid carrot shots.

^^ Hi Nezua!

belledame222 said...


i'd been meaning to post about the religion/the loosely defined left thing myself. one of these days.

Kai said...

I love carrot shots. Especially after tequila shots.

And in any case, in my opinion there's an appropriate literary place for carom shots and indirection; a total moratorium is not required. There's an artful, clarifying way to do it. There's also an inartful way, a way that blurs or conflates or misdirects. If this post contains any carom shots (which I'm not saying it does), it's done artfully. So there.


Melinda Casino said...

Kai - I'm glad you said that, because it allows for me to feel okay about one of my posts! :D

Or when you say "literary" are you excluding blog platforms? I hope not.

If you wrote out more of your thoughts on this, I'd love to read them. (But it looks like you don't have a blog.)

Deoridhe, thanks for introducing me to this phrase and the further explanation of the context (the religious blogs & it sounds like political ones you read).

Amber said...


Deoridhe said...

Belle: I'd love to read what you have to say. I will poke you with the polytheist stick if you leave us out. ;)

Kai: Artfully done ANYTHING is better than non artfully, but then I'm a hedonist.

Melinda: You're welcome! Thanks for coming by and commenting. Comments make me feel important, and a fed DeoEgo is a happy DeoEgo.

Amber: <3