Thursday, April 10, 2008

Racism - It happens today and it SUCKS

Sylvia has a wonderful blog post on this. The down low - a white blogger makes a very minority-conscious post, which is massively out of character. People notice because hey - out of character - and notice that said white blogger attend a conference where these issues were presented by a wonderful woman who covers immigrant issues regularly, who has subsequently taken down her blog - which is a loss for the internet as a whole. An excellent roundup of the issues is at Smackdog Chronicles (which I had lost the link for - thank goodness for tracebacks!).

What I want to underline is this - not only is this sort of nuanced handling out of character, it also doesn't jibe with said white blogger's subsequent behavior - which is to go around making the issue all about her AND still not linking to the woman who has been covering these issues for years.

This is not feminist. This is treating another woman as if she is not a person.

This is racist.

It's also fucked in the head. And really, really, really pathetic.


Anthony Kennerson said...

Ahhhh....that would be SMACKDog Chronicles, dewd. Gotta represent correctly. :-)

Otherwise....appreciate the link love.


Deoridhe said...

Opps!! My typing fingers srick again. I really should C&P everything I post online.

Thanks for the correction. ;)