Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Police and Trans Women of Color

Lisa, of Questioning Transphobia (an excellent site everyone should read regularly) writes about the latest expression of privilege on the "colorblind" internets: White Cis Gay Men who use threats of the police against Trans Women of Color who express anger.

Later, apparently on Twitter (now make an ass of yourself 100 times faster!) a comment was made comparing Lyssa's angry words, since appologized for, to the shootings at Virginia Tech. Understandably, this was a little (for little read A WHOLE LOT) upsetting for people who were there.

I'd say, 'check your privilege,' but I don't think they'd listen.


Lucy said...

Thanks for the link and the wishes you expressed at my blog.

Deoridhe said...

Your very welcome. Take care of yourself. I know you know to, but sometimes it helps to have people around you reminding you. ;) <3