Saturday, May 14, 2011


I have become a huge fan of TED - Technology, Entertainment, and Design. It's a series of lectures and talks on topics of interest to people, usually liberal and often odd.

Here are some of my favorites.

Erinaceously delicious about the dictionary and how a lexicographer views language.

On Being Wrong about how we behave and feel when we're making mistakes.

What Adults can Learn from Kids which is a really entertaining talk about age discrimination.

On Vulnerability about the thing which brings the most incandescent joy is being open to and vulnerable for pain.

Clocking the Fastest Animals abot... just what it sonds like. Fast animals.

How Bacteria Communicate on a way for group communication without leaders.

A search for dark energy, which is a fascinating look at dark energy and dark matter.

The Talk is about... jsut what it sounds like - introducing a child to the idea of sex through frogs.

Social Media and the End of Gender about how interests are beginning to be central to identity instead of gender and age.

Transplant Cells instead of Organs about the possibility of transplanting cells for organs instead of whole organs, which would open wide doors for multiple transplants and change the face of health in the world.

The Rise of Personal Robots about the possibilities for robots which respond to human social cues

On being a woman about changes of women in politics

Gift of Play from Bonobo Apes about the sexually active, friendly, loving culture of bonobos.

The Birth of a Word is about complex datamining efforts which can connect together social interactions with discrete items, like a media source or a word.

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